Introducing our new bespoke Queue Barrier System.

Offering a fully bespoke service where the Barriers can be designed specifically to the client's requirements and direct from the manufacturer, we already have orders placed from

Most retailers or purchasers of these systems would normally buy them from a catalogue. By purchasing directly from us they can be totally designed and built to work with the client branding and colours, and fit in with any other existing components or systems.

This cost effective and bespoke system is already in use at JET2 in Leeds/Bradford and Manchester airports.

“We are delighted to be working with a local company, it is part of our ethos to source our suppliers locally where possible and LWC fit that bill. We are able to talk directly with them, discuss our specific instructions and get branded solutions delivered at times to suit us.”
Marketing Manager

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Introducing our new bespoke Queue Barrier System.